Tony & Deb Nardacci
Tony & Deb Nardacci
were joined in matrimony at 10:30 am on Thursday, September 30th, 2004
at the precipice of Cathedral Rock in the rugged wilderness of Toiybe
National Forrest, high atop majestic, Mount Charleston.

Tony & Deb Nardacci
Together with Pastor Rick Hall and his wife Deanna, the adventurous
couple hiked the winding mile and a half uphill trail to a flat plateau
and shared their holy vows before GOD and His subjects.

Tony & Deb Nardacci
The happy dynamic duo will honeymoon in much the same way, travelling
in their outback vehicle, camping and spending lots of quality time together.
According to Deb and Tony's  inspiring words....
Tony & Deb Nardacci
"We have deserts to cross,  mountains to climb
 and rivers to ford & places to see together..."

Deanna Dee Hall
Pastor Rick's wife, Deanna, poses with Cathedral Rock in the
background.  God bless you both Tony & Deb, we love you!