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County of Clark,
State of Nevada

Certificate of Permission
to Perform Marriages
Las Vegas has become known as the "Marriage Capital of the World" - but when
deciding to make this beautiful and exciting resort mecca the scene for one of
future's fondest memories, the words "choose wisely" should immediately spring
 to your mind.  Not uncommon to many cities today, there are scams in this town
 also, so it would indeed be wise for you to exercise proper reserve when selecting
 your Las Vegas wedding officiant.  Ministers DO NOT all "minister!"

Getting married is one of the most important decisions a couple will ever make in
 their lifetime and having a life's partner is a wonderful gift from GOD, but along
 with choosing a location wisely, it should stand to reason that finding a godly
 local pastor, minister or officiant is of the utmost importance.  Your minister should
 be ordained by the Lord to be able to bless your vows.  Your officiant should also
 have the proper legal credentials to perform your nuptials in an official manner. 

There are some unscrupulous scam artists performing marriages in this city without
 any legal authority.  They place their advertisements in the sources you read and
even on the internet to trap their unsuspecting prey and performing illegal weddings
 thus rendering your nuptials null and void.   You should always ask them for their
 official credentials before enlisting them to perform your wedding.


Pastors Rick & Andy Hall are ministers duly ordained to bless your marriage vows
 with the biblical authority in Jesus Christ and His Church.  They also have proper
certification from all state and local authorities to perform your wedding ceremony.
  Possibly of equal importance is that both are experienced Christian marriage counsellors
 able to guide a wise, seeking couple on their sure pathway in life.  Being counselled
 does not indicate that you need help; it reveals a couple's wisdom in seeking out
GOD's answers to any possible future pitfalls and adjusting your lives to
compensate for them before they occur.  It is indeed wise to get proper counsel.


Only a male can perform a blessed marriage union between a male and a female.
 Whats being said here will not be popular with the carnal Christian or with the
denominational bench-warmers who don't believe in or receive the Bible's truths
 as direct from the Almighty and God-breathed.  Like the Bible, the following is
 only meant for believing Christians who want their marriages blessed by GOD.

Uncommon to popular secular beliefs today, "a woman is not biblically-ordained
 to perform wedding ceremonies and, as that is a scriptural fact, she could not
possibly bless your marriage in the eyes of GOD either!"    Man-ordained,
State-ordained, humanly-ordained or seminary-ordained, YES!    But GOD-ordained
 blessings, NO!  Now that statement isn't shared to hurt the feelings of any female
 or to down play the greatest gift ever given to the male, the female. 
It IS truth - GOD'S WORD.
There are many very-caring and sincere women currently performing weddings
 in Las Vegas and around the world, but for biblical truth, regardless of how
mankind with his unscriptural ideas has attempted to change GOD's Will by
compromising His Word in the name of equality, GOD STILL SAYS NO!

In the world today and especially here in Las Vegas there are many such feminine
wedding-officants who are acting in that capacity with the state's authorization

to perform weddings, that is fine with man, but that does not change GOD's will
that women cannot be pastor's or officiants.  The bible says, "...let GOD be true,
but every man a liar..." (Romans 3:4)  Just because some denomination says it's okay
 for women to be pastors DOES NOT change the will of GOD for us all.   To receive
 any blessing from the Lord Jesus for your marriage, you need to do things His Way!


Physically, in the eyes of carnal man, a female can say the words that marry folks, but
biblically-speaking, the wedding officiant must be masculine because the officiant is

performing a function that is godly and divine - he's standing in the place reserved
 for Almighty GOD only when he delivers the marriage's blessed vows.  

IF we will believe GOD and take Him at His Word, then we can receive His Word
as a little child does; simplistically, exactly as it's written.  IF so, then the Bible says
 MAN was created in GOD's IMAGE and in His LIKENESS and that the woman
was created from the rib of man and in MAN'S IMAGE (Genesis 1:26.27 + 2:21-25).  
GOD is of the masculine gender and He presided over the blessings for the
wedding between Adam and Eve, the first woman.   

So, as GOD ordains, the feminine gender cannot perform BLESSED wedding vows
 or the ceremony because it requires a GOD-Image (the male minister) presiding
over the union between a male and a female.   If you are a feminist and are offended
 by what's written here - your problems are not with this author, but with the
Author of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ.

All good things are from above; from the Father of light and the Lord of glory.  
Blessings are good things from above and blessings DO NOT come from man;
they can only come from GOD.  Since the [biblical] officiant has to be male,
a masculine standing-in for our Father above,  the feminine gender cannot
under any circumstances perform a blessed marriage ceremony. 

And that's the gospel truth!

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