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The Spirit of Prophecy Ministries was founded by the Lord in a revelation to Rick Hall in May 1984 and during its tenure the prophetic gospel message has been preached as given by the Lord Jesus Christ to the church; seen in John 16:12-15, but Christ's verification of future revelation is assured in verse 12.

"I have yet many things to say unto you, 
but ye cannot bear them now.."
JOHN 16:12

That scripture confirms to the church that the seeker would be given many and mighty unveilings as our individual hearts can receive them.  Jesus promised to return for His Bride, the church, in an day and in an hour when the evil servants would not be watching (Mt 13:11-16 and 24:48-50 with John 14:3,4) Jesus also added more insights into His return for believers in Luke 18:8-- that His glorious return would be when true faith was at an ebb, almost gone from the earth and at a time when faith and hope would be greatly diminished.

This ministry is dedicated to the Gospel truth of Jesus, but also to His warnings to be alert and to rightly divide holy scripture.  As called, chosen and ordained of Christ-ministers of the gospel (and all Christians ARE ministers regardless of popular beliefs), we are asked to hear in our ears and understand in our hearts, the message of His coming and to shout what we hear to the housetops (Mt 10:27).

Pastor Rick has debated some of the nation's top-rated theologians concerning some rightly divided, al beit, highly neglected Bible truths.  In 1988 Rick was an invited guest of Pat Robertson of the 700 Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia to uphold his revelations and convictions with a panel of seminary- trained ministers.

In October 1988, Pastor Rick traveled eastward along with his good friend the late Dr Charles Taylor of Huntington Beach, California, to sit in debate of what we can or cannot know of the coming of the Lord.  The panel consisted of Dr Charles R Taylor of California, Dr Hilton Sutton of Texas, newsletter economist, James McKeever of Oregon and Pastor Rick.

After their joint-debate and appearance on the "Straight Talk" program, the producers of the 700 Club selected Dr Sutton and Rick to go head to head on Robertson's "700 Club on the Air" radio program; the results of that debate are available from this ministry on an audio cassette (see tape ministry).

Pastor Rick Hall

In August 1993, Rick was interviewed by the INSIDE EDITION program from New York and the network dispatched a team to Las Vegas with the inquiry into "Why all the radical weather changes and was it a Biblical judgment against American by GOD for the last days?"

In this ministry's tenure, Rick has traveled nationally and internationally with the prophetic gospel message and has been in defence of the rightly- divided Word as the Lord has directed.  Many of our ministry tracts and audio tapes teach on the controversial yet are based on the contextual and harmonious division of scripture

Pastor Andy (28) smiles as he pilots his plane over Las Vegas!

In recent years, Rick has been joined in ministry by one of the biggest single blessings in his life, his son, Andy.  Andy has been a tremendous help with his vast knowledge of scripture and a giving heart to the needs of others.  Rick feels that from the time he was born, Andy was called to be a minister to lost souls and he has one of the purest hearts I've ever known, says Rick (Jer. 1:5)

In 1995 Andy joined with his father as co-pastors of the Spirit of Prophecy Christ'ian Fellowship, church and theatre, at Cheyenne and the Las Vegas Strip!   In addition to his pastoring duties for two years, he assisted with the Sermon on the Mount performances and the distribution of donated food and clothing to the areas destitute.

Pastor Andy Hall at a golf course wedding in August 2005

Pastor Andy, Las Vegas' only skydiving-pilot pastor, is an accomplished and blessed skydiver and in addition to performing traditional marriages, is excited to join Christian couples in exotic weddings jumping out of perfectly good airplanes...talk about a new name for the old addage......."Lover's Leap!"

Eligible bachelor Pastor Andy on his 30th birthday in Las Vegas!