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Ministers Who Care Your Commitment Is Blessed!

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but
he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.


Wedding Covenants Certificates

They're a spiritual document in addition to your wedding license signed and they
look really nice in a certificate frame on your wall or even in your entry way.


Clark County Marriage Bureau
Address: 201 Clark Avenue
Phone: 702-671-0600

Call (702) 378-7000

Anywhere     Anytime     Anyplace

Red Rock!  Valley of Fire!  Lake Mead! 
Skydiving, Jet ski or Helicopter Vows!

Boulder City & Lake Las Vegas Resort 
on breathtaking Mount Charleston!

or at our scenic golf course home!

*Website DIGITAL Photos Included

Creative wherever your mind takes you!
Or in your hotel suite overlooking the Strip!

Pastors Andy & Rick Hall provide sound biblical

counselling and perform traditional as well as
extraordinary wedding ceremonies between
Christian couples and those who chose to
become Christian by a simple profession of
faith.  No couples are ever joined in matrimony
unequally yoked together according to scripture.

JESUS forewarned us in spirit....

"And if a house be divided against
itself, that house cannot stand."
Mark 3:25

Therefore, whether local in a church or distant
under God's great earth, Pastors Rick and Andy
 will travel throughout Nevada for you and perform
sound biblical counselling and blessed marriages
 between all like-minded of the Christian faith.


If your intended spouse is not Christian, ask them if they desire
 to give Jesus their life?  If so, call our ministers and schedule
 your marriage; it'll have a wonderful, godly chance to survive the many
 hills and the valleys which affect every Christian union.

 Friends, almost 54% OF ALL MARRIAGES FAIL
without spiritual counseling and we don't want
 that for any of our Christian friends.

Have you been...Married and divorced???

In life we humans make many dreadful errors but the Lord is
not so concerned with our past failings as much as He is a
forgiving and giving God & Saviour in search of a truly repentant
 heart towards our future choices.   This ministry counsels all couples
we join in marriage whether this is the first or seventh marriage.
  We believe from experience that this one will be your last
marriage.  The coupleswe've been blessed to join in marriage
 over the years have remained married and most say
 one of the reasons was the counseling.

In life sometimes we have done things, including getting
married, too quickly with poor judgment and maybe we may
have based our past thoughts about a spouse on how
beautiful or handsome they were-- that is doing things according
 to the flesh and the flesh is born in error...conceived in sin.

Some religious organizations still teach under the law and that
 humans can only be blessed once in marriage....that's simply not
 a biblical stance nor is it God's Word by context or harmony. 
It's very true that marriage is a holy covenant and it's best to
choose our mates wisely from the very beginning, getting to know
 them in spirit as good friends first before experimenting with
physical emotions but we're not in a perfect world and because
 we all make mistakes in judgment, we are all error prone and...

FACT: That's why Christ came and died for our sins.


.....should we as His ministers do any less then our heavenly Father?  Therefore,
 even though many churches choose to judge your past failures and refuse to bless
 your marriage in their church, the GOD and Saviour we serve is a giving and
forgiving Lord of all our human errors, always.  The Holy Spirit would never refuse
 to bless any marriage of two truly repentant people and if that is God's
 stance, neither do we to judge you. Come and be biblically blessed by JESUS



Of all weddings there are two (2) ways (man's way
and God's Way
) a marriage can go and only one
(1) of the two is heading for success - God's Way!

is always   the way of the flesh - total human
outside sound Biblical fundamentals, meaning
 "whatever feels good - that they shall do," regardless of
whether the Bible sanctions the practice or not.

is when both the groom and the bride chose to
 center their marriage only on biblical sanctity....submitting
 to the Lord's will over their own wills.
Of the 50% of
Christians who will opt for the Lord's
blessings upon their marriage...


1. The couple can be comprised of TAKERS...
2. One's a GIVER and the other a TAKER....or
3. or the couple can both be spiritual GIVERS!

I am the vine, ye are the branches;

he that abideth in me, and I in him,
the same bringeth forth much fruit:
for without me, ye can do nothing.
JOHN 15:5

I can do all things through Christ
which strengtheneth me.

Since there is only ONE WAY (John 14:6) for any
 chance of happiness, give it over to Jesus with His
blessings.  With JESUS CHRIST you can, and will, do
ALL THINGS and have them in order (Matthew 6:33) but



We strongly recommend that couples attend
 at least one counseling session, however
it is not a requirement.  Those couples
 who have attended one of Pastor Rick's
 biblical counseling sessions have
 a much higher success factor.

Your counselling is not a boring or a drawn out
meeting. It involves less than one hour of your time
 and the principles the pastors share are 100%
Biblically-based.   In a state given over to
heathenism inundated in the "Marrying Business,"
we look upon our couples and their upcoming
marriages as a holy union to be blessed by our
Lord JESUS CHRIST - when God blesses the
marriage, it stays blessed.  Remember...

"...he that hearkeneth
unto counsel is wise."


If you elect counseling, the Spirit of Prophecy Ministries
asks a fee of just $60.00 cash at the time of your Christian
consultation.  Based on history, that hour will be the best
sixty (60) minutes of wisdom you've spent in a long while.

Special for our Couples only...

A beautiful Wedding Covenant Certificate is made
up for all couples with your full names in old
english font.  When displayed at weddings, many
ask if we could make one for them too, however the
covenant certificates are given only to our couples

 in addition to their state wedding certificates.

(ACTUAL  SIZE   =  8 1/2  X  11" actual covenant certificate is in color)

When you have your wedding day, date, time and location
 set in mind, call our ministry's administrator Dee Dee!
If you do not schedule counseling, a deposit of $70.00 is
sufficient to schedule your wedding.  You can either mail it
to us or send it immediately on this website using your
credit card. At the time when you schedule your wedding
date and time,  if you choose the wise option of counseling
 - we will pre-schedule a time for consultation at your
earliest convenience  and deposit can be made then.

"The way of a fool is right in his own eyes:

but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise."


Marriage permits may be obtained at the
Regional Justice Center downtown at 201 Clark Street

 (3rd & Clark Streets) for a $77.00 cash fee.  The
marriage bureau is open on Monday thru Sunday
from 8:00 am - 12 Midnight.  You'll be asked to
fill out a brief family history form at the service
counter and identify yourselves.  It's wise
 to have proper IDs when you apply.

The Marriage Bureau IS NOT the "Wedding Bureau"
So when you are calling for information, ask for THE
MARRIAGE  BUREAU where you can get a license.

The Wedding Bureau is "a marriage business"
and in this ministry's God-given opinion, that's
blatantly misleading to the public, especially if
someone calls Las Vegas Information and asks
for  the "wedding bureau" instead of
 the Marriage Licence Bureau. 

In that case, the unsuspecting are funnelled
 directly to their wedding business; and their
people who perform weddings have nothing
 to do with godly-ordained ceremonies
 that's their God-ordained, ministry calling. 

All officiants ARE NOT the same - caution

OUT-OF-TOWN friends can take advantage of our direct-to-you wedding license shuttle service for a nominal fee of only $70.00, saving you time and much frustration.  Many out-of-towners aren't familiar with Nevada's freeway systems, the location of the courthouse or the rising taxi costs.  We'll pick you up at your hotel, escort you to the Justice Center to purchase your license (a separate $77.00 cash fee paid to them only), wait with you and then return you both to your preferred wedding memory location to bless your marriage vows.


Clark County Marriage Bureau
Address: 201 Clark Avenue
Phone: 702-671-0600




For approximate fees on various location-weddings go
under WEDDINGS or CONTACT US menus above.